Sunday, July 5, 2009

Babies are Pure Love

My life has been pretty busy the past month or so and I have been neglecting to write as often as I would like to. Writing is therapeutic and at the same time it helps to confine, somewhat, the rapid passing of time to snapshots of meaningful moments in our lives. Those moments could be as insignificant as spending a day walking on the beach, or as momentous as sharing in the birth of your newest and first grandchild. For me, the latter is the case.

Nothing compares to the pure love of a new baby. I am sure as a first time grandmother I am just a teensy bit prejudiced, of course, but ever since my new grandchild arrived on June 11, I have been pre-occupied with thoughts of this new baby and I would love to see her every day, but am very reluctant to become a pest to her parents. It takes time for new parents to adjust to this huge change in their lives, but sharing the event with family is also part of it, however its nice to give them time alone too. I guess I obsess about my grandchild a little, or did at first, I even had a dream about her when she was barely a week old. Must be grandmother's are just as anxious as a new mother. She changes every time I see her...

The photo above was taken at five days. She is a beautiful and very sweet baby, so healthy and good natured already. This second photo was taken on my son's first Father's Day just after he finished feeding her a bottle. She is barely three weeks old here.

I noticed that my son is not at all shy of pitching in helping to take care of his new daughter. Times have chanced since I had my children so many years ago, but it seems like yesterday Where did 40 years go by so quickly? When did he learn to be such a good Father?

I so look forward to sharing and watching Gabriella grow up in a loving family. The children being born today are our hope for a new and more promising future. Bring her up with love, patience and all the freedom to explore and learn that you can, while also teaching her enough boundaries to keep her wise and safe. Such a joyful time in our lives! We are truly blessed.