Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Fever?

Whatever that is, I guess I have it. Is that when the winter is finally over? In San Diego we don't have much of a winter but you know its over because the days are now longer, sunnier and hotter. I can get out walking in the mornings which I enjoy, and along the way I love to stop and admire the beautiful flowers in my neighborhood. My
own low maintenance yard is rather barren by comparison even though I try to plant a few flowers here and there. Here is one of my neighbor's yard screaming colors by the thousands!

Spring fever is also when I don't feel quite "myself", and move from project to project feeling like the days are way too short. I'm more tired, don't seem to have the energy I start with by the end of the day. Every day I seem to accomplish a lot but there is still so much more to do and no time to do it. I have a habit of making lists of things I want to do then prioritize them, and even that has taken a back seat to other more pressing projects.

My little sewing business "Sew Artsy Creations" is keeping me pretty busy these days which I am grateful for. This week I finished and delivered two special order aprons for a beautician, completed ten new aprons which I will deliver on Saturday. I drove to Irvine, California to pick up five of my sculptures that were in a show for four months. I'm thinking about getting the Lion ready for another show that he will be in this summer. That will entail me getting my hands dirty to make four small pedestals to place under the Lion's feet to secure the bolts to, partly for safe-keeping, and partly so it is more visible from the street. I'll keep you posted on that big art project which will start taking place next week. It entails me shifting my mental gears from working on fabrics, food, and baby showers, into concrete!

Speaking of Baby Showers....last weekend was beautiful for both events and weather.
My youngest son and his wife will soon be the parents of a baby girl in June, my first grandchild, and I am very excited. It is a wonderful thing to know that a part of you will be passed down from your child to another little soul.

His wife's co-workers prepared for her a beautiful
shower at their home. It was without a doubt one of the nicest baby showers I have ever attended. The foods were incredible and decorations superb. Everyone had such a good time. I was asked to bring my famous NY Cheesecake which I did of course.

I am as excited as the parents, and maybe even more so, since I started shopping for the baby as
soon as they told me they were expecting. I also made a few baby gifts, such as baby's first quilt, and some receiving blankets and two large baby bath towels. These were relatively easy to sew but I think the end results are much nicer than the kind you get in the stores.

No wonder they say being a grandparent is better than being a parent. We are more mature, and much more reflective in our thinking, and have a lot more time on our hands to be with our grandchildren, or at least I hope I will.

While I was raising my own children I had to work full time, so the joy of watching them grow up and enjoying every single moment, was often overshadowed by sheer exhaustion at the end of the day. I regret that now,
but it is one of the things we can't change. I did the best I could. I hope that I will be a welcomed and a good grandmother. I ponder on what constitutes a "good" grandmother? Interesting thought...